Harlan Laws Corporation is a leader in production and fabrication of Environmentally Friendly LED Signs.
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Showcase Designs

Harlan Laws - Drawing of a Lowes Sign
Harlan Laws - Drawing of a Muggs Sign
Harlan Laws - Drawing of a Target Sign
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Harlan Laws Corporation : Production and Fabrication

Manufacturing is driven and managed by the state of the art computer technology. Harlan Laws provides 100% turnkey manufacturing, including internal departments of neon, flex/vinyl, industry leading paint booths with humidity and temp control, steel fabrication, and plastic forming. For over 50+ years Harlan Laws Corporation has worked with its clients to develop what we consider to be the best/leading sign specifications/programs in the country. All Harlan Laws sign products are built to withstand the harshest of climates and environments, and are all HLC Green compliant “ have you gone Green’ signage program.

    1. Manufacturing Equipment:
      • Hydraulic Shears, Punches
      • Accu-Bend Letter Machine
      • Computerized / Auto Metal Forming Equipment / Break
      • Plasma Cutters
      • (3) Extrusion Miter/Cut Stations
      • Auto / Pipe, Tube Cut off equipment
      • (2) Large Capacity Fork Lifts
      • 500’ overhead monorail
      • (2) 7’ x 17’ Heat Transfer Machines
      • Gerber (2) and Cybersign (1) automated routers
      • (2) PVI Large-Face plastic molder (8’ x 16’)
      • Two Signtech Flexface Heat transfer machines
      • Arete notcher/flanger/bender
      • (4) Matthews and Akzo paint matching stations
      • OSHA standard paint booths (4) with humidity and temperature control capability
      • Custom neon pumping/processing systems, designed to meet Lowe’s standards
    2. Quality Assurance:
      • All signage Underwriters Laboratories approved and labeled
      • Canada approved UL certified
      • Internal quality assurance program; 4-stage inspection and reporting to the President, Steve Laws.
      • Stringent safety program and facilities management contribute to product quality. In conjunction with our insurance compliance we maintain ongoing programs assessing safety and risk in our work environment.
    3. Research and Development:
      • Ongoing new product development with vendors (i.e. extrusions systems); Beta test site for T8 and LED lighting systems.
      • Proponent of horizontal lamp system
      • Utilization of internal reflective light systems


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