Harlan Laws Corporation is a leader in production and fabrication of Environmentally Friendly LED Signs.
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Showcase Designs

Harlan Laws - IHOP sign in Raleigh, NC
Harlan Laws -  NetApp sign in RTP, NC
Harlan Laws - Flanders Art Gallery sign in NC
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Harlan Laws Corporation - Green Sustainable Signage

Green Signage is not something new to Harlan Laws Corporation, who has worked with and committed too many of our national/regional accounts for strategies that would increase their energy efficiency, selections of materials, long life LED's, T-8 lighting, low voltage, lower temperatures and vendor materials that have received ISO 9001 quality recognitions for manufacturing standards. Here at HLC the "Have you Gone Green" signage program works in a full range of signage products, fabricated channel Letters Large and Small, Monument signs, pylon sign, electronic message boards, LED lighting, wall signs, High density urethane (HDU) and interior signage.

Going Green with your signage is just another way that Harlan Laws and our clients need to work together in order to protect the Earth's natural resources. It is important that the signage industry embrace the standards that the National Association of Home Builders have adapted by going Green, HLC has made that commitment, contact us today to learn more about our sustainable signage products and extended 5 year Warranty Program.

Learn More about Environmentally Friendly Signage: Harlan Laws Gone Green Signage Program

  • Sustainable signage "Green" methods
  • Recycled packing materials, removed disposal signs, power supplies and mercury free illumination
  • Low voltage standardized power supplies
  • Reduced cost in service and maintenance
  • Long Life dependable and reliable signage products
  • Rebranding and Retrofitting existing signage offers new technology ways to become HLC Green Compliant.
  • Extended 5-year warranty program


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